Silver Mine haunted for Halloween



    The Haunted Mine at the Park City Silver Mine Adventure is an evening filled with fright and horror.

    The hour and a half excursion consists of two parts. The first part is a more conventional haunted house that is scary from the very beginning.

    If you want to hold tight to that special someone, the haunted mine is a great place to go. The smaller the group, the more frightening the mine will be. Your heart will pound and your hair will stand on end.

    The fear of the unexpected lurks behind every door. Around every corner awaits the possibility of an unannounced poltergeist. The ghouls and goblins are both convincing and anxiety-inducing.

    Also the frightening goblins never let you out of their fright.

    There are several narrow, dark pathways that are confusing. The pitch black corridors challenge your sense of direction. The only way to maneuver through the darkest of the haunted hallways is to guide yourself along the unseen walls.

    The second part of the haunted mine is a journey into the depths of the earth. Although not entirely scary, this part of the Haunted Mine is quite eerie and unsettling.

    The haunted tour extends down 1,500 feet into the caverns of the Park City Silver Mine. Visitors are transported down to the mine by way of an old mine shaft elevator. The elevator is perfectly safe, but feels quite old and shaky. The elevator feels as though it is only hanging by a thread. The possibility of falling becomes very real.

    Anyone who fears small enclosed places should not attend the Haunted Mine. The journey requires at several spots that the visitors be locked in cage-like contraptions for long periods of time.

    Once the visitors arrive to the depths of the mine, the horror comes to an end. The mine is a little anticlimactic. The ending is not nearly as frightening as the beginning.

    The Haunted Mine is both a spooky and eerie place to visit. For BYU students it is a little bit far away to travel just to visit a haunted house. However, if your visit to the Haunted Mine is in addition to other activities in Park City, the visit will be worth your while.

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