True Blue football pits classes against each other



    A recent addition to the Homecoming traditions is the True Blue Football game.

    True Blue is a co-ed flag football game of white vs. blue.

    The game was introduced last year with eight teams playing four 15-minute quarters following intramural flag football rules.

    “True Blue football is the beginning of a new tradition for BYU. It’s going to be fun this year,” said football coordinator Adam Clark.

    The True Blue game is Oct. 8 from 6 to 9 p.m. The game will be played on the Helaman South Field under the lights.

    This is not a normal game of flag football, Clark said.

    The game is played on a 50-yard field completely covered with blue foam. The foam is from the same substance used for Christmas tree decorating, only this foam is dyed blue for the game. Each team is required to provide their own uniforms, a team mascot and a cheer squad of no more than five people.

    Other additions for the event include bands for each side and a complete half-time show with special guests.

    The rules and regulations for the game will follow intramural flag football rules with some additions. There can be no more than 15 members to a team, with everyone playing at least once.

    Teams are required to have a minimum of five female players, and two women must be playing at all times. Each player must be a BYU student, with a total of eight players on the field at a time.

    The way the teams are formed is by class representation. Only four teams will be chosen to represent Blue and four to represent White. The Blue teams will consist of upperclassmen, and the White will be underclassmen. Teams were chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis at the BYUSA offices.

    Toria Cutler, a senior who is a team captain for one of the Blue teams — “Nice Chiggars” — says she and her friends signed up to play because a friend told her how much fun it was last year. Cutler says her team hopes “to laugh a lot and be silly, and of course we want to win. We’re seniors.” “Nice Chiggars” are not yet sure of their mascot and are still thinking of changing their name.

    The prizes for the victory teams are great, and there are several cool prizes from sports promotions, Clark said.

    There will be awards for the following: Best Uniform for a Team, Best Mascot, Best Cheer Squad, The True Blue Award (for the best overall team in all categories) and the “Edwards Award” (for most valuable player). Also, the winning side of the game will win the True Blue Bowl Trophy which will be displayed all year in the Wilkinson Center.

    Clark expects at least 1,300 people in attendance.

    He also gave one reason people should attend this year’s game:

    “How many times do you get to watch football played in blue foam?” Clark said.

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