Letter to the Editor: Morris and Cannon Centers no


    Dear Editor:

    First of all, I would like to applaud whoever does the newspaper ads for the Morris and Cannon Centers. Those ads grab my attention and are worth reading every time.

    Second, I would like to focus my attention on something I think we as a BYU community do not take advantage of as we should — the great food at the Morris Center.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Morris Center is not simply “just for freshmen.” I encourage the faculty to take their families there. Children love different places to eat, and as a child, nothing impressed me more than a place where the food “never ran out.”

    I encourage both men and women to take dates there. I knew a guy who took a girl to the Morris Center for dinner once. They were an hour late for family home evening because they were having so much fun eating. That girl was the envy of many girls at FHE that night.

    I encourage you to go just for fun. One of the highlights of my sophomore year was when I challenged a guy to an eating contest at the Morris Center. Although I didn’t win, I got to try many different foods — from Southwestern quiche and fettucine to teriyaki chicken and rice. That’s another bonus — it has such a selection and it changes daily.

    So if you’re like me and never got to experience the Morris or Cannon Center as a freshmen, then go. Who knows? You just might find something more than good food.

    Stacey Matsumura


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