Letter to the Editor: BYU must be at quiz bowl tou


    Dear Editor:

    It has been brought to my attention that funding for the academic quiz bowl team at BYU has been discontinued. I feel compelled to write a letter on its behalf because, speaking as a participant in quiz bowl events for more than six years, I would rate BYU with the University of Chicago and Harvard as the most consistently good programs in the country.

    Indeed BYU has a stellar record over the past 10 years, recording numerous invitational victories, as well as several second and third place finishes at national events.

    Additionally, a tremendous number of BYU students have moved on to star for quiz bowl teams at other highly regarded institutions, namely Princeton, Columbia and Duke. One student — Jeff Stewart — won the Jeopardy college tournament and made the final round of the Tournament of Champions. What this boils down to is that the BYU academic quiz team has brought (and will bring) the campus an enormous amount of prestige.

    Last year BYU enjoyed its normal successful season, placing eighth out of 64 at the NAQT Championship tournament (which was perhaps the most competitive tournament ever assembled). And with a stable nucleus of returning players, it would stand to do even better this year. To destroy this team’s travel budget seems akin to banning the University of Florida from competing in college football bowl games.

    Any national tournament (this year’s is in Ann Arbor, Mich.,) requires — no, demands — BYU’s participation. Surely the administration can find within its budget, as it has done for years, sufficient money for the BYU quiz-bowl team.

    Jesse Molesworth

    Stanford quiz bowl (1997-present)

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