Provo collision kills one, hospitalizes two



    One man was killed and two others injured in a collision at 4000 N. University Ave. Saturday night.

    The deceased, an unidentified 32-year-old Provo resident, was driving erratically in a 1978 Dodge Sedan south on University Avenue, according to a Provo Police news release. He suddenly braked and veered into the north-bound lane where he struck a Honda.

    The sedan was seen driving east on 4800 North from Orem when it suddenly turned onto University Avenue.

    Lt. DuVal of the Provo Police Department said several witnesses saw the deceased’s car ramming into other vehicles before it swerved into the other lane.

    The driver of the sedan was ejected through the passenger window and died at the scene of the crash. He was not wearing a seat belt.

    The driver and passenger of the north-bound vehicle were transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where they were treated for injuries.

    The driver of the Honda, Ben Swenson, 24, of Orem, was listed in serious condition Sunday morning.

    His wife, Alison Swenson, 23, was also listed in serious condition after undergoing exploratory surgery.

    Nurse Supervisor Zina Johnson reported that Alison came through the surgery fine. She also said both victims are expected to recover.

    Both victims were wearing their seat belts. Lt. DuVal said the car was also equipped with air bags, which helped lessen the impact of the crash.

    Lt. DuVal said police found an empty beer can in the deceased’s vehicle. He said he does not think it was a factor in the crash, however, because the can was dry. He also said the police will perform routine checks to see if alcohol or drugs were involved.

    Devin Jones, 27, of Provo, saw the aftermath of the crash on his way home. He said the Honda was partially in the ditch and the other car was halted in the slow lane.

    “Both of them were totalled,” he said.

    Heather Andelin, 22, a senior from Springfield, Mo., majoring in family science, also saw the crash.

    “The two cars were totally smashed. We were overwhelmed by it,” she said.

    The Provo Police Department had not notified the family of the deceased as of Sunday morning.

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