Garrens’ season premiere a hit



    The Garrens Comedy Troupe presented yet another entertaining performance Friday night.

    The cliche “the audience makes the show” was definitely applicable at the Garrens’ season premiere.

    As with all Garrens’ performances, the audience was frequently called upon to suggest titles, props and feelings which the Garrens then integrated into their performance. This forced participation allows the audience to help determine the content and therefore success of each Garrens show. This factor creates a unique, and often hilarious improv., because no one, including the performers, know what’s going to happen next.

    The Garrens’ show began with a dramatic laser light show “shipped directly from Japan” (or at least that’s what the audience was told). Although the “laser lights” were actually small flashlights, the unusual props and choreographed movements created a memorable performance.

    A collection of sketches and improvisations, both new and old, delighted the enthusiastic audience. “Journal,” a mockery of the stereotypical differences between men’s and women’s perceptions and memories, was humorously performed by Lauren Keller and Eric Snider. Although this particular sketch is available on the Garrens’ CD, and has long been part of their repertoire, it was a well-received by the audience.

    The Garrens cast showcased their quick thinking, ease on stage and clean, tasteful humor throughout the show. In one of the more popular improvisations, “Story, Story, Die,” four cast members created and told a continuous story. This situation puts pressure on the performers because if they mess up in any way the consequence is “death.” Of course the death is acted out in a creative way suggested by the audience; Friday night the cast died by squirrel, hair gel, and a flossing wedgie.

    The highlight of the show was their closing number–“The Titanic Song.” Snider, a former member of the Garrens, wrote and performed a parody of Celine Dion’s hit song, “My Heart Will Go On,” while the rest of the Garrens cast performed a comedic portrayal of the popular “Titanic” movie.

    Every Friday night the Garrens have two shows on BYU’s campus. Tickets are $4 for the 7:30 p.m. show and $5 for the 9:15 show. For more information, call the Garrens hotline at 379-8888 or visit their web page at

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