Democrats ready for balance



    Local Democratic candidates said it is past time for a balanced party system in Utah County at the annual Utah County Democrats Spaghetti Supper Thursday evening.

    The Nov. 3 election includes 10 Utah County Democratic challengers, including candidates vying for county sheriff, county auditor-clerk, county commissioner and legislative offices.

    Nancy Jane Woodside, Democratic challenger for County Commissioner “Seat B,” said county government needs more than one point of view to be effective. If elected, Woodside would be the first woman to ever sit on the Utah County Commission and the first Democrat since 1972.

    She said, “Some people would view it as an obstacle, but I view it as a challenge.”

    Other Democrats said they have seen attitude changes toward the Democratic party in Utah County and are hopeful this election might bring change.

    Gary J. Ransom, Legislative District 60 candidate, said he has been supported by many Republicans in his district. “I am seeing very good converts coming to the Democratic side of the street,” said Randsom, who used to be a Republican himself.

    Randsom said Democrats are coming out of the closet and are ready to stand for what party values.

    Janice Dean Mayne, canidate for Legislative District 57, does not deny that she faces a challenge in her district, which is 85 percent Republican.

    Mayne said she is determined not to let her opponent win by that same percentage.

    Candidates said they did not think the Clinton investigation would have a negative effect on the Democratic party in the Utah County election.

    Joel A. Bradford, Legislative District 56 candidate, said, “People in Utah are smart enough to know that a Utah State Legislator has no effect on what is happening at the White House.”

    However, Braqdford said character and integrity have been a big issue in his campaign.

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