Utah parents kidnap own child, spark nationwide se



    Police are involved in a nationwide search for the parents who kidnapped their child while the child was in protective custody.

    University of Utah Police have sent out a nationwide bulletin to police stations alerting them of the kidnapping of David Fink, 20 months old.

    Mike McPharlin, University of Utah police detective, said this is an unfortunate situation. “Technically we have involved every department in the country with a nationwide bulletin”, he said.

    The department has received a number of calls but no solid leads. “We are doing a blanket approach,” McPharlin said. The department does a quick check on every lead.

    The child was kidnapped from Primary Children’s Medical Center by his parents Christopher and Kindra Fink.

    The child was placed under the protective care of the Division of Child and Family Services after the child’s aunt and uncle brought the child to a pediatrician. The aunt and uncle were concerned with the health of the child.

    The DCSS brought the child to Primary Childrens Medical Center because he was malnourished and suffering from dehydration.

    Christopher and Kindra Fink were given visitation rights only under supervision of two people. The couple visited their child on Friday and returned again on Saturday. The child was scheduled to enter a foster home Saturday afternoon.

    Bonnie Midget, media relations coordinator of PCMC, said there were three people supervising the couple’s visit.

    “There was a nurse, security guard and nurses aid supervising the visit of the parents,” she said.

    Under supervision the couple went for a walk in the hospital lobby with their child. The mother said she had left something back in the child’s room and left the group. Minutes later the father ran out with the child in hand.

    “The father bolted for the door and literally dove into the car,” Midget said. “The mother had the car running with the engine revving.”

    The nurses aid ran after the father to stop him. She held onto the car handle and was dragged about 30 feet.

    “The aid has a bruise on her hand from holding onto the doorpost,” Mcpharlin said. “She has a number of cuts and bruises.”

    The police said they are concerned about the health of the child. Family of the Finks said the father who has declared himself a prophet named his son David because he believes David is the Christ-child.

    McPharlan said the father believes he received revelation that the child must remain pure and only consume pure foods, like watermelon and lettuce.

    “In common vernacular, he has gone off the deep end,” said McPharlan. “He is part of a strange fundamentalist cult.”

    The couple was driving a faded-oxidized-red Subaru hatchback. The Utah license plate number is 126 KHV.

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