Service fair to make it easier to serve



    The Y Days service fair Friday at 8 p.m. at the Harman Building is designed to make it easy for BYU students to “Go Forth to Serve.”

    BYUSA is sponsoring the fair that will immediately follow the commencement ceremony featuring Ed Pinegar.

    Jeremy Wells, community service vice-president of BYUSA, said 30 service programs will be represented, each set up to help the community in different ways. Booths and sign-up sheets will be located on the Harman Building patio. In case of inclement weather, the fair will be moved indoors.

    “Our mission statement is to instill in individuals a greater desire to serve and get involved,” Wells said. “(Volunteers) will learn leadership skills and then take these skills and apply them in the community once they are done … at BYU.”

    Wells said, depending on the program, those who want to get involved can spend as little as an hour every other week or several hours per week. Some programs have caps on volunteer numbers, but others have unlimited need.

    Lorien Bell, the Project Read director, said she first became involved simply because of the opportunity to serve.

    “I wanted to do it because teaching adults felt like I was contributing to the community,” Bell said. “I wanted to be more well-rounded.”

    Wells said students can expect to give their time in a way that actually helps people.

    “Nobody just sits around. (Students) can expect to see a change in people’s lives,” Wells said.

    The community service division also performs weekly checks on the programs to make sure their objectives are being met.

    Greg Smith, an executive director of community service, said the programs are thoroughly rewarding.

    “I enjoy serving others. I love to see other people happy,” Smith said. “These things really help.”

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