Durrant to speak at morningside



    The final Y Day will unite students in service with a morningside given by George Durrant and a continental breakfast Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Karl G. Maeser Building quad.

    George Durrant, a former religion professor at BYU, will speak on using service to bring students to Christ, said Ashlee Shaw, a BYUSA executive director.

    “He will spiritually uplift everyone to prepare them for the service project,” Michelle Durham, BYUSA’s program director for Y Days said.

    George Durrant was born and raised in American Fork. He attended BYU and majored in art. He is married and has eight children and 28 grandchildren.

    Durrant has written many books on the importance of family and the happiness that life can bring. Durrant was a MTC President and a religion professor at BYU. He taught classes in Sharing the Gospel, Book of Mormon and genealogy.

    “Brother Durrant is an inspiring motivational speaker that makes you want to live what he teaches,” said Nick Izzo, BYUSA’s media relations director.

    Former students of Durrant enjoyed his tender, humble spirit and his eagerness to love and serve others.

    “In 1994, I was in his last class at BYU, Sharing the Gospel. He was so passionate about teaching at BYU, when he made the announcement that he was retiring soon, he was near tears,” said Eric Perry, 23, a junior from Willard, Utah majoring in accounting.

    Durrant loves BYU and supports its motto, “Enter to learn, Go forth to serve.”

    “People that come to BYU have a common goal: They are trying to be a better people, make the world a better place, build up the kingdom of God on earth, and doing so all feel a common destiny,” Durrant said.

    The morningside will help students feel the joy of helping and working side by side in the campus wide service project, Durrant said.

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