Tailgate party to precede game



    A tailgate party which precedes the BYU vs. ASU football game Saturday, hopes to supercharge Cougar fans with school spirit.

    “The pre-game party for students is to build team spirit for the BYU vs. ASU game,” John Anderton said. “Festivities will include the band My Man Friday, Dunk a Professor, Face Painting and the BYU Cheerleaders.”

    Tailgate parties are prominent traditions at universities to boost student spirit in the school and interest in athletic programs, said Kate Spencer, co-chair of the management society that is hosting the party.

    This year is the first time the Management Society has hosted a tailgate party and it may not be the last.

    “If this is successful, we want to make it an annual event.” Spencer continued. “We are trying to bring all students together and increase team spirit for our football team.”

    Ned C. Hill, the dean of the Marriott School of Management, said that the Marriott School continually strives to maintain constant relationships with alumni and students. He said that BYU sports is the best way to keep these relationships and communication current.

    When asked what a tailgate party was, Mindee Rohner, 25, family science major from Arizona said, “Tailgate parties are where you can just have a good time with your friends. Simply, food, friends and flirting.”

    Rohner said she had been to other tailgate parties at Arizona State University, but everyone was drinking and it wasn’t fun for her.

    The strength behind this tailgate party is the big-name sponsors, including Hogi Yogi, Papa John’s, Frontier Pies, Lenitos, Einstein Bagels, Wrapsody and Hickory Kist. The accounting firm, Ernst and Young LLP is the society’s major sponsor for the entire event.

    As the student leadership organization for the Marriott School of Management, the Management Society acts as an umbrella organization for close to 20 other clubs. They organize new clubs and help existing clubs schedule their events.

    Brett Haskins, 25, a senior in business management, clarified the Management Society’s goals and purpose.

    “We are the generalist club for the business school, our events are for all students interested in the business program.” Haskins said.

    The actual event will take place at the Tanner Building parking lot Saturday night from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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