Letter to the editor: Does the media provide news


    Dear Editor,

    I have often wondered about what really is the “news.” Whether you’re talking about print or broadcasting, I think the issue is the same. And for me that issue is this — is news really there to inform the public, or is it just another form of entertainment?

    Well for me I don’t think that the main motive of press is to inform the public. I think the main purpose of “news” is $$$$$$$$$.

    I mean think about it. Would it be fair to say that most news stories have to be carefully marketed to the public? I mean the News has to get a large audience and then sell that audience to their advertisers and thus make money. So it would make sense to only get those stories that have enough sensationalism to be interesting to the largest audience possible.

    Now I know that several people reading this opinion are probably standing up and saying something like, “to question the authority of news is Heresy if not Blasphemy!”

    Well maybe you’re right, but I doubt it.

    All I am saying is I that I get tired of turning on the news only to find that the anchors are spending more time worshiping themselves on camera than they are reporting on the stories. Maybe news should be called “info-tainment” instead of news.

    Oh and hey, here is a question. What is the difference between a car salesman and a news anchor? Answer: My point exactly.

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