Y Group eases new student anxieties


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    How did it feel to be leaving home and coming to BYU? Did you wonder about your roommates and how you would get along? What about finding your classes? Would you get lost on campus? How would you make new friends? How different would BYU be from High School?

    Usually new students come to BYU with a number of anxieties. Sometimes it helps to talk about these things, but it’s also difficult at times to find someone to talk to and share concerns with.

    This year, for the first time, during New Student Orientation we have initiated Y Group Discussions so that new students can share their concerns with their Y Group Leaders and others who are going through the same experiences. Discussions will not only center around concerns, anxieties, and adjusting to college life, but will also include other provocative topics such as What it means to be a Cougar, What about the Honor Code? How BYU is different from other Universities and what that means to us, etc. These discussions will provide new students with an opportunity to hear other perspectives on some of the same issues they have been thinking about.

    We hope these discussions will provide new students with an opportunity to process some of the experiences they are going through and make their adjustment to BYU easier.

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