Bateman welcomes Education Week participants


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    On behalf of Brigham Young University I would like to welcome all of you to campus for BYU’s 76th Education Week. This conference provides a truly unique educational opportunity to study both spiritual and temporal matters, to learn “of things both in heaven and in the earth.”

    Elder James E. Talmage in speaking of one of BYU’s early leaders, Karl G. Maeser, described how his beloved teacher stood in “precept and practice for the symmetrical development of mind, body and spirit, that is of the complete soul in education.”

    With more than 1,000 classes, Education Week offers the opportunity to engage in this type of “symmetrical development.” There are classes in music, business, education, family and religion–just to name a few. We hope these sessions will help you on your journey to find greater wisdom and knowledge.

    I can tell you that much thoughtful effort has gone into preparing for this event. To Sherie Rogde, her devoted staff, our 500 volunteers and all of those with BYU’s service departments, I express great appreciation. They have planned an exceptional conference, with 202 outstanding faculty members.

    The theme for this year, “Education: `Of Things Both in Heaven and in the Earth,'” has been carefully chosen and echoes Elder Talmage’s thoughts as he paid tribute to Dr. Maeser.

    “Together with his secular branches of learning,” Elder Talmage said, “he (Karl Maeser) taught the principles of a living, practical, effective religion. He held that spiritual development was even more important than mental or physical growth alone. To him science and religion were handmaidens of the Lord, indeed, in harmonious and reciprocal service, nurturing and leading the soul towards the state of perfection planned by the Divine Father.”

    During this week, I hope we all can experience the joy that comes in nurturing and leading our souls a little closer to that “state of perfection planned” by our Heavenly Father.

    Sincerely, Merrill J. Bateman

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