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    Here are tips to help students register for classes.

    Be flexible

    As a new freshman, you have a lot of classes that you can take to fill GE requirements. You don’t have to take Biology 100, American Heritage 100, and English 115 all in the first semester. If those classes are full, look in the Fall 1997 Class Schedule on pages 21-25 for other options, or call your advisement center or the Registration Office for help.

    Use your advisement center

    Each student who has declared a major has an advisement center, and for students who are undecided, there is an Open Major Advisement Center. These advisement centers are invaluable tools to help you plan your classes, both for this semester, and for your entire school year. Each student would be wise to visit their advisement center within the first semester here.

    Verify your schedule

    It is your responsibility to check your own schedule to make sure that the times do not conflict and to make sure that you are going to the classes that you are signed up for. There are many ways to check your schedule. You can obtain a free copy of your class schedule from the Registration Office, you can list your classes over the touch-tone phone system, or look it up on any of the AIM terminals on campus.

    Become familiar with AIM

    AIM stands for “Academic Information Management,” and is a computer program which provides you access to your academic information. (Including grades, A.P. tests, holds, and registration) There are wooden cabinets with terminals, called kiosks, all throughout campus from which you can access your information. The best way to learn how to use them is to try them out. If you have problems using AIM, call the Registration Office for help.

    Be aware of deadlines

    If you ignore this tip, it can cause you lots of headaches and problems. It is your responsibility to learn when these deadlines are. Following are some of the deadlines for Fall Semester. (For a more thorough explanation, read “To Register or Make Class Changes After School Begins” on page 6 of the Fall 1997 Class Schedule.)

    — Tuition deadline: Aug. 14

    — First day of class: Aug. 31

    — Last day to drop without a fee: Sept. 1

    — Last day to add classes: last day to drop without a ‘W’: Sept. 14

    — Last day to withdraw from classes: Oct. 5

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