Band of local students gets big break



    Phly McKay, a band formed in 1994 by a BYU student, will open Aug. 20 for Long Beach Dub All-Stars, formally named Sublime, at the Wasatch Events Center.

    After hearing the group’s demo tape, the promoter for the show asked Phly McKay to open for the All-Stars.

    “I’m totally stoked. This will definitely get us some connections and open some doors if anyone of us choose to pursue this in the future,” said vocalist Justin Luke, a junior from Houston majoring in advertising.

    “I’m not really looking to pursue a career in music, although I’ll always do it on the side,” he added.

    Besides Luke, Phly McKay consists of drummer Dan Benedict from Boron, Calif., base player Colin Botts from Pleasant Hill, Calif., sampler Shane Curran from Orem and guitarist Mikah Henry from Danville, Calif.

    “This is a great opportunity. It’ll be a big crowd that night, and hopefully they’ll be pretty wild and rambunctious,” Botts said. “It’s also an opportunity for some new exposure.”

    The group said their music appeals to all types of music lovers.

    “It’s a mixture of different styles. In order to love this music, you have to love something that’s lively and makes you want to dance,” Curran said. “We can have a lot of fun without offending anyone. We don’t feel we have to be vulgar to get the crowd going.”

    “Our influences are reggae, jazz, Latin, hip-hop and a little bit of rock,” Luke said. “It’s pretty diverse, and it’s definitely music to groove to.”

    “Each of us brings our own interests and uniqueness into the group, and all of our music is original,” he added.

    The performance will take place at 3485 S. Main Street in Salt Lake City. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the music will begin at 7:30. Phly McKay’s set will last approximately 45 minutes.

    Tickets can be purchased by calling Gray Whale CD at (801) 583-9626 or Tom Tom Music at (801) 572-1919. Tickets cost $18.35 with cash or $18.50 with credit.

    The group will also be performing a free concert in September at Wrapsody Live.

    Long Beach Dub All-Stars replaced Sublime after the death of lead singer Brad Nowell. The drummer and bassist of Sublime then formed the new group.

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