Payson receives conditional anonymous donation



    Payson City will be the recipient of a generous donation from an anonymous resident.

    Payson City Council was presented the $400,000 offer and a piece of property with some conditions attached.

    Payson City Recorder Jeanette Gerrard said plans for the donation have been in the works for years.

    “The person donating wishes to remain anonymous, but we know that it was a couple who wanted to do this. One passed away but the other plans to make the donation, as long as the conditions are kept,” Gerrard said.

    City Manager Keith Morey said the conditions for the money and the property are that they be used for a new library, an addition to the current library or a new recreation center.

    “At this time, we don’t need a new library, but we can save the money for the future. The land donated is not in the city limits, but we will sell it and the money will go to the city as well,” Morey said.

    Assistant Recreation Director Karl Teemant said there is a need for a recreation center in Payson.

    “We did use the old high school gym, but that’s been gone for over three years now,” Teemant said. “We have an old outdoor pool, and we use the local schools for gyms and tracks.”

    He said the schools have been good to the recreation department by allowing them to use their facilities but the community needs quality gyms, tracks and pools for the residents to use any time.

    “It costs millions of dollars to build quality recreation facilities. But we are in great need for a recreation center here in Payson, and this donation, if used here, would make a big dent in the costs of building one,” Teemant said.

    This is not the first time this anonymous donor has made a donation. Veteran’s Memorial in Payson was paid for by the same donor.

    Morey said the donation is not official until the paperwork with the donor and the donor’s attorney is complete.

    “We don’t know yet when the legal work will be complete, and we don’t know how it will be used yet, but we are grateful for the donation,” Morey said.

    The Payson City Council voted to accept the conditions of the offer.

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