Letter to the Editor: Angel in disguise


    Bob and Ula Hemingway


    In the late afternoon of July 17, my wife and I were returning home from Salt Lake City along the road that runs from 1300 East and the I-15 highway at the prison off-ramp.

    Our van quit running. We sat for quite a long time in the 100 degree heat watching many cars pass by. Finally, a young lady went by, stopped, and turned around, came back and offered to help us. She took me to a telephone where I called my family. Then she drove me back to my vehicle. We are not a young couple. My wife has been in our hot car for over an hour.

    Returning, I got in my car and turned on the key. It started! In the excitement we started for home, hoping the van would keep running and that later I would stop and thank our benefactor–she was following us. The van kept running OK, but when I stopped to thank her she was mixed up among other traffic and it was impossible to get close enough to speak to her.

    We didn’t even get her name. We just know that her family lives in Sandy, and that she is a student at Brigham Young University attending summer term.

    Perhaps this special young lady will see our “thank you” if you publish it in The Universe Readers’ Forum, and realize how very grateful we are for her caring and kindness shown.

    In a world today where it is rare and even dangerous for anyone to stop and help people on the road, she is an indeed an “Angel in Disguise!”

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