‘Kiss and Tell’ delivers a good laugh



    The Hale Center Theater opened its production of “Kiss and Tell” Thursday night, bringing constant laughter to the audience.

    “Kiss and Tell” is a romantic comedy about life in the ’40s. It is a very realistic history of what took place in the family while the “boys” were away at war.

    Corliss Archer, played by Claire Wilkins, is a soldier-crazy 15-year-old who always has something to say and, like other young ladies her age, wants everyone to believe she is older.

    Her opposite, Dexter Franklin, is played by Jeff Whitlock. Whitlock was absolutely hilarious with his animated facial expressions and ignorance to life. He drew the audience in as we remembered the crush we have all had at one time on the “special someone” just a bit out of our reach.

    Corliss’s parents, played by Melanie Wilkins and John Paulk, drew the most laughter from the audience as they played perfectly the roles of overprotective parents in the ’40s. Their reactions to their children’s behaviors is something that should not be missed by theater-goers.

    Nancy White and Mike Gray play Dexter’s parents. They were a great strength to Paulk and Wilkins in their roles as the sympathizing next-door neighbors.

    The play was directed by Melanie and Richard Wilkins. They did a great job at pulling out the humor and bringing the audience into the play. As you watch the show, you can feel the emotion. All the actors did an effective job at dramatizing their roles.

    Except for a few fumbled lines, which is to be expected on an opening night, the show was extremely entertaining and flawless.

    The first half of the show was slower and dragged a bit in parts, but after the intermission I was laughing off the edge of my seat.

    Other talented performances were by Kathy Wahlquist and Neal Gage, who played a young couple who elope because of their feuding families.

    If you are one that enjoys a good laugh and a humorous look at everyday life, then “Kiss and Tell” is a definite must-see. The play is double cast and different actors will play each part depending on what night you go.

    “Kiss and Tell” plays through Aug. 17 at 8:30 p.m. at the Hale Center Theater on 225 W. 400 North in Orem. Tickets can be purchased by calling 226-8600.

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