Letter to the Editor: Bulls to remains No.1


    Jonathan Bagley

    Arlington, Va.

    If Jazz fans think Utah will win the NBA Title this year just because the scenario reminds them of The Lion King and Rocky IV, it only proves to show how little Jazz fans understand and ever will understand about basketball.

    But that is the evidence offered in a recent sports column written by Scott Bell to defend the Jazz’s chances at finally winning a ring. The column also showed an ignorance of the mentality of Michael Jordan and of the team he supports.

    Don’t Jazz fans remember the flu-ridden Jordan canning a three-pointer to essentially knock the Jazz out of the Finals last year?

    Have you all forgotten how Malone missed two free-throws that would have won game one. Has the image of Karl Malone hiding in the corner during crunch time fled your memories?

    I swear, Karl Malone must need his mother to pick him up after he is done playing blocks at Greg Ostertag’s house. I can see how these memories have all left you Jazz fans because you are the same myopic Jazz fans every year.

    For the last ten years you have said you have the best team, this is our year and we are going to win that one championship before Stockton and Malone retire.

    And why do this? You took the Lakers to seven games in 1988. Ever since then you have been saying you are the best team in the NBA, despite the absence of championship banners in the Delta Center. I’m glad you can base so much self-esteem on losing in the second round of the playoffs. Needless to say, you people are chokers and the Bulls are not. Forget the so-called surgical style of play. It won’t help you get over your fear of winning, and it won’t be enough to beat Michael Jordan.

    Go ahead and count him out, if you like. Michael prefers it that way.

    Bagley is a former sports editor for The Daily Universe.

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