Local stabbing still under investigation



    Seven adults and four juveniles have been arrested in connection with a stabbing that occurred behind the Colony Inn at 1380 S. University Ave. in Provo.

    After investigating the incident, Provo detectives and major crimes task force officers have made several arrests in connection with the event which took place late Friday night.

    Two suspects that had eluded police over the weekend turned themselves in on Monday.

    Several of those arrested are known gang members.

    “We think we have the main suspects in custody now, but we still have a lot of interviewing and investigating to do,” said Captain Keith Teuscher of the Provo City Police Department.

    According to the Provo Police, Heny Andre Rivera, 18, from Provo and a friend were to meet with some females behind the Colony Inn. When they arrived, he was jumped and stabbed multiple times by several male suspects from two separate vehicles. The victim was able to flee his attackers until he reached 500 West and 1200 South where he notified a home owner who called the police.

    Helen Eneroth, manager of Colony Inn, said a desk clerk heard screaming and fighting outside. After checking to see what was happening, she also called the police.

    The motives for the attack are known, although the police department was unwilling to release the information.

    Gang related problems in Utah County seem to be a greater problem each year.

    “From this incident, I think we could say that gang problems are on the rise,” Teuscher said.

    Eneroth said she does not think the area has anything to do with the incident.

    “We were just unlucky to have a gang problem near us,” she said.

    Dan F. Halverstadt, 18, of Provo; Durin A. Wellesley, 19, of Pleasant Grove; Destry C. Cobbley, 20, of Orem; Jayson Leander Young, 21, of Provo; and Jacquelyn Louise Bingham, 18, of Spanish Fork were all booked into the Utah County Jail on charges of aggravated assault.

    Brad C. Norton, 18, of Provo was booked and charged with attempted homicide. Mark Jared Robinson, 22, of Spanish Fork was booked and charged with attempted homicide and evidence tampering.

    The investigation of exactly what happened is continuing. Several of those arrested have made their first court appearances and others should appear in the next few days, Teuscher said.

    Rivera, a patient of Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, is in stable condition, a news release said.

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