Substitute teaching increases chances of getting h



    BYU students can gain teaching experience and earn money by substituting in the surrounding school districts.

    Substituting is an easy way for students to gain teaching experience in the classroom while going to school, said Casi Smith, substitute coordinator for Alpine School District. Substituting can be either on a full-day or half-day basis, ranging from three hours or less. The pay averages $42 for a full day and $21 for a half day.

    The money, however, is more in the Salt Lake school districts, but teacher certification is required.

    “We usually require certification, but right now we’re taking less than that because we have such a deficiency in substitutes,” said Roger Minor, personnel specialist for Jordan School District.

    Brad Monks, Assistant Principal at Timpview High School, said substituting is a great way for students to get their foot in the door with local schools.

    “Plus they get teaching experience and get to know the kids and faculty better,” Monks said.

    According to the Education Advisement Office, between 1,200 to 1,400 students graduate each year from BYU’s Teacher Education Department.

    This amount of students creates competition for all teachers looking for a job.

    “To help put one over the edge, substitution experience can help pad the resume. The more familiar the administrators are with the substitutes, the more likely they are to hire when a permanent position becomes available,” Monks said.

    To get involved in substituting call Casi Smith, substitute coordinator for Alpine School District, at 756-8400; Melanie Thorn, personnel secretary for Provo School District, at 374-4800; Roger Minor, personnel specialist for Jordan School District, at (801) 567-8223; or Doloris Riley, substitute coordinator for Salt Lake School District, at (801) 578-8343.

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