Letter to the Editor: St. Brigham wasn’t funny


    Brook Heaton

    Brook Heaton

    Dumfries, Va.

    I was shocked and appalled to see the picture that ran on the front page Wednesday. The caption seemed to portray the idea that it is perfectly OK to dress up the Brigham Young statue in leprechaun regalia.

    Have we forgotten that this great man was not only the founder of our university, but a prophet of God? The very idea of defacing a statue in the manner shown sickens and disgusts me. It is a mockery to Brigham Young, the University, and the Church.

    I doubt that people would find it amusing if the Christus statue in the Temple Square Visitor’s Center was adorned with shamrocks and Lucky Charms’ boxes.

    I hope this kind of thing never takes place again. If it does, I hope that The Daily Universe has the courage to omit it from the newspaper.

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