Letter to the editor: Gambling is gambling


    Erik Schaumann

    Once again, “March Madness” begins and all look to the NCAA Basketball Tournament for excitement. However, I am continually amazed at how many people seek for more than enjoyment and start gambling. I am talking about tournament pools where you pick the winners of each game and turn in your money and sheet to the pool organizer, hoping to get everything in the pot.

    Yes, that is gambling. It seems that people who would never bet on a horse race or pull the arm of slot machine in Las Vegas think that the apartment pool, work pool or any pool is O.K.

    It surprises me that student organizations here on campus, or graduate programs even, seem to sponsor them (or just look the other way as they occur). I think this is wrong. Tournament pools are organized gambling, and high-ranking LDS church officials have made statements about the evils of such activities. I would hope that the BYU community would refrain from condoning tournament pools and gambling.

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