President Monson to speak on choices



    President Monson Devotional speech,”Your Choice,” will cover four main questions: Shall I serve a full time mission?, What shall I study to prepare for my life’s work?, Whom shall I marry? and How shall I serve?.

    President Monson will also preside over the dedication of the Carl F. Eyring Science Center at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

    President Monson has some good advice that will impact the audience’s lives, President Monson’s secretary, Lynne Cannegieter, said. The points President Monson covers in his Devotional speech are universal and should apply to everyone, she said.

    The future holds many, difficult and eternal choices, according to President Monson.

    It is important to prepare for future choices because the outcome of those choices determine destiny, according to President Monson. Guidance is given in making those decisions, however.

    According to President Monson, when he has a difficult decision to make, he asks the question “What would Christ do?”.

    For the question “Shall I serve a full-time mission?” President Monson plans to address in his speech the church’s council in whether or not to serve a mission.

    He also plans to provide guidance on how to choose what to study in preparation for a future occupation.

    To answer the question of how to choose who to marry, President Monson plans to offer avenues of advice and gives personal counsel on how to prepare to make that all important decision.

    For the fourth question President Monson plans to address in his speech plans to stress the importance of finding time to serve others because they service is a blessing to others.

    According to a news release, President Monson served in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles before being called as a member of the First Presidency Nov. 10, 1985.

    President Monson has also played an active role in the community as a member of the National Executive Board of Boy Scouts of America, chairman of the board of Deseret News Publishing Co., president of Printing Industry of Utah and a board member of the board of directors of Printing Industry of America.

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