Letter to the editor: Thank you, BYU


    Desiree Kidman

    I would just like to congratulate the BYU community for beginning to shift our attitudes, generating more optimism and gratitude. The opinion page for March 3 was almost entirely positive. It included a refreshingly appropriate letter from Rush Sumpter, the Honor Code Office Director, who actually thanked students for their support of the Honor Code. The ESC custodial staff politely reminded us to help them keep campus clean. The other letters also had positive overtones.

    On Thursday the Opinion section rightly acknowledged the change of attitude in the Honor Code Office and Student Honor Association. It then politely encouraged the community to do their part. Letters thanking the school of music for the devotional and applauding recycling on campus were great. In other words, BYU I’m proud of you!

    I know that there are problems in the BYU community, and I don’t want them to be ignored. Let’s continue to work out our problems gently — and prayerfully. But, for the purposes of this letter, I would just like to thank a few people. Thank you to the great Cougareat, bookstore, library, copy center and other offices and organizations for being polite and helpful. Thanks to the custodial and grounds crews for making our campus a nice place to be, and for being congenial — even when some of you get up at 3:30 a.m. to clean.

    Thanks to all the professors and staff who make learning at BYU a good experience. Thanks to the volunteers and flyer hander-outers in front of the library for keeping us informed in a generally pleasant way. There are a lot of other people to thank as well, and I urge us all to do so. Above all, let’s give thanks to God for letting us be here.

    BYU is a great place and I am glad to be here. Once again, congratulations to everyone trying to change attitudes and be optimistic (like our prophet). Keep it up! Good luck to you all.

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