The ‘Wedding singer’ belongs in the lounge



    The nostalgic ’80s — Michael Jackson, heavy metal, leg warmers, dance club hopping — don’t pretend you don’t remember. For those in denial, “The Wedding Singer” will help jog your memory.

    This ultra ’80s flashback profiles Robert J. Hart (Adam Sandler) as a popular wedding singer who grooves his way into the reception hall scene while he dreams of becoming a rock star.

    Bobby loves weddings, until he is left at the altar by his fiancee Linda. His love turns to bitterness and his popularity drops as a result. He slips into a depression which threatens to ruin his career, any future hope of love and a happy marriage.

    He is gradually pulled out of his misery with the help of a new waitress and friend, Julia (Drew Barrymore). She enlists his help to plan her own wedding with Glen, her non-committal fiance.

    HEATHER: Barrymore and most of the other characters are superficial and lack depth. Surprisingly, Sandler is the only one who brings reality to his character.

    KEVIN:I thought the portrayals were accurate. After all, most people in the ’80s WERE superficial and lacking depth. Image was everything and rock ‘n’ roll ruled. This film had no shortage of either one.

    HEATHER: There are tons of references to ’80s music icons. From the Boy George wannabe keyboard player, to Billy Idol and Van Halen tee-shirts, this movie is full of ’80s allusions.

    KEVIN: Don’t waste your money on those expensive ’80s music libraries, because this soundtrack has it all — Culture Club, The Police, if it’s ’80s, it’s in there. The outrageous outfits were screaming ’80s. The pastel colors and loud clashes brought back some frightful memories. The red leather zipper jacket and silver glove even found its way into this flick.

    HEATHER: The ’80s hairstyles are the funniest part of the whole movie. This movie has them all: the Don Johnson ‘do, the Madonna mop and the Bon Jovi bouffant.

    KEVIN: I was pleasantly surprised that the film had subtle values weaved in. Through all the hype, a romantic comedy emerged complete with real relationships and seemingly true love.

    HEATHER: The ending made the movie. “The Wedding Singer” is dumb; it’s supposed to be. It has some good humor but a lot of the humor is base and crude. If you take away all the swearing, it is a funny movie.

    This movie is dedicated to all those who wish the original Van Halen was still together, Flock of Eagles still soared, “Miami Vice” was still on prime time and red leather was still in.

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