The right food creates the right mood for Valentin



    Valentine’s Day brings feelings of love, joy, affection and good food. The right food can do wonderful things. Food can put people into a romantic mood. What type of food could this be?

    That food is different for each person.

    Disney has proved that Italian food creates the romantic mood. The Lady and the Tramp used pasta in a scene where the two main characters sucked on a string of spaghetti — the same string — and ended up kissing each other. Does Italian food do this to you?

    Strawberries dipped in white chocolate is a food that men and women can share. First, the man puts a dipped strawberry in the woman’s mouth, then the woman puts a strawberry into the man’s mouth. How romantic.

    Steak and lobster is a meal that the Restaurant Roy is going to offer on Valentine’s Day. The Restaurant Roy is known for its romantic atmosphere and food. This restaurant has dim lights, linen tablecloths, candles and exquisite food and desserts.

    “Desserts are more on the romantic side,” said Nikki Shumway, the owner of The Restaurant Roy.

    The Restaurant Roy offers the Creme Brulee, a French custard dessert sure to enhance any special night.

    Filet mignon is a special entree Mullboons offers to those who want to have a special night.

    “It’s a special that tastes nice,” said Tyler Owen, a manager at Mullboons.

    The filet mignon at Mullboons is a filet of beef wrapped in bacon.

    Ice cream has come to be a favorite dessert. On Valentine’s Day, one bowl of ice cream, with hot fudge dripping down the sides, and two spoons is ideal. Hopefully the guy won’t buy cheap ice cream.

    Martinelli’s sparkling cider, along with candles, can turn any dinner into a romantic setting. The setting is more powerful if the lights are turned off. With the candles flickering, soft sweet words can be spoken.

    Students at BYU have mentioned that a pudding fight can be a great way of putting a person in a romantic mood. Apparently the key is the type of pudding used.

    Crab can be considered a food that invites romanticism. “It’s just something about the crab that gets me excited,” said William Wollesen, 22, a junior business major from Saratoga, Calif.

    Chinese food tastes great all year round. On Valentine’s Day, you can change things around and use two chopsticks. She holds one chopstick and he holds the other; romantic fun is created.

    One food that is questionable is the oyster. Why is this known for being a food of love and romance? Oysters are wet and rubbery; the idea of relating oysters to romance must just be a long tradition that everyone passes on, but no one really agrees with it.

    Let this Valentine’s Day be a day when great food is exchanged between loved ones and friends. Food makes the difference in any relationship and changes people’s lives. The right food creates the right romantic mood.

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