Letter to the editor: ‘Titanic’ not as bad as they


    Jennifer Barnett

    On Thursday a letter titled “Irresponsible Review” was printed in reference to a Daily Universe review of the movie “Titanic.”

    I have seen the movie three times and I am not ashamed of this. I think it is a beautiful and accurate depiction of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The underlying themes give the movie depth that touches the heart and stays in the mind long after viewing it. The movie explores the futile efforts of man to conquer nature, the true nature of man himself and the beauty and importance of love.

    I do not believe that my viewing or appreciating this movie has in any way affected my love and testimony of the gospel or my dedication to living its principles. If anything, it made me further appreciate how lucky I am that I am able to have the guidance of the gospel in my life.

    I’m very grateful that BYU students have a forum in which we can express opinions about movies, politics and issues affecting our university. As BYU students, we do indeed have a responsibility to maintain and uphold standards of righteousness.

    I would encourage every student here to remember that the great majority of us are faithful servants of the Lord or we wouldn’t be here. Keeping this in mind, I hope we can all have more respect for the opinions of others in the future.

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