Letter to the editor: Censorship hurts the entire


    James M. Caswell

    I was shocked after reading last Thursday’s Viewpoint: Shocked to find a BYU student taking a progressive stance.

    The issue is one that should concern all of us. BYU is harming its image through the unprofessional use of censorship.

    The undeniable purpose of any university is to prepare students to enter a dynamic, competitive and often cynical workforce. In addition to this, a successful university should enable it’s students to compete for the limited spaces in today’s job market. Recently BYU has been handling itself in a manner viewed as disrespectful to many institutions outside it’s campus.

    Now, as the Viewpoint astutely stated, “Because BYU adheres itself to higher standards of morality and conduct, it is understandable that some of the administration’s decisions are met with scrutiny outside the university.” This uncompromisable fact must remain so. However, a growing concern should not be stifled. If BYU continues to alienate itself, those of us here seeking some form of career success may one day find ourselves in a hostile environment.

    This is not cynicism, this is reality. I am not here to represent the lollipop guild.

    BYU has been an outstanding and limitless source of honorable men and women since it’s coronation. I pray that it may remain this way for generations to come.

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