Wedding pranks can get out of hand



    The wedding reception line is starting to disperse, your feet are starting to ache, and if you have to shake one more hand of a person you haven’t talked to since you were in the sixth grade, you’re going to scream.

    This most hectic of all days has come to an end. It’s time to grab your beloved and make your getaway, to relax and enjoy a few days of no stress, right? WRONG!

    Chances are some of your joker friends have taken it upon themselves to decorate your car with an assortment of odds and ends. If you’re lucky, you will have escaped with a few cans tied to your car and possibly some hearts and “just married” marked in shaving cream on your windows.

    For those who are not so lucky, a truly horrific sight may await. Vaseline on the door handles, crumpled newspaper inside the car combined with Alpo dog food and Oreos plastered sporadically in strategic places all combine to cap off a marvelous day of bliss.

    Monica Nielson, a senior from DeSuniak, Fla., majoring in microbiology, was fortunate enough to find that her change-of-clothing bag had been raided, and cereal stuffed in her shoes and socks.

    Some of these antics, however, can take some of the luster off of what had been a storybook day for newlyweds.

    “Decorating cars can be a blast, but it can get out of hand and go too far, and then it’s just not fun anymore,” said Kristin Lundgren, a sophomore from Scottsdale, Ariz., majoring in recreational therapy.

    Fortunately, not all pranks have malicious endings.

    If you’re planning on getting married anytime soon, remember: lock your car in a steel-cased garage, have a 300 pound bodyguard at your reception and hope your friends forget their shaving cream.

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