For bridegrooms, it’s the tuxedo that makes the ma



    We all know the groom has to dress well and look gorgeous for his wedding day. But what to wear exactly can be a headache. One consideration is what kind of suit will do the job without burning a hole in one’s pocket.

    “This is not an ordinary day for the groom, so the appropriate attire is needed. The bride is wearing a special gown, so the groom needs to wear a special suit. That (would be) a tuxedo,” said Chris Hanson, owner of DC Tuxedos.

    Image consultant Judith Rasband also offered advice. She said a tux is always appropriate and timely with a formal wedding line.

    “Black is always smashing,” Rasband said, when asked what color would be suitable.

    The next consideration selecting an appropriate style of tux.

    Traditional styles, like the peak lapel and notch lapel tuxedos, were highly recommended by Hudson.

    According to Bogey’s Wedding Apparel, the guideline for tuxedos has relaxed over the past few years. Bogey suggested a charcoal or gray cutaway jacket with striped trousers, pearl-gray vest and ascot for a traditional morning wedding. For very formal evening weddings, Bogey’s suggested that black full dress tail coats be worn with a white vest and tie. If the bride is wearing off-white, ivory would be an ideal choice.

    With an idea of what kind of style and color to select, the question of cost plays a major part in the final decision of which tux to choose.

    Hudson gave a range of $29 to $55 for a three-day rental period of a complete outfit. The sale prices ranged from $295 to $600.

    Guys agonizing over what to wear for their wedding day should not be overwhelmed by the vast array of patterns and styles of tuxes however.

    Hudson said the most important thing is to enjoy what one is wearing, as there are no absolute guidelines to what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

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