Letter to the editor: Student ignorance not limite


    Mark Nielson

    I want to commend Eric D. Snider for his bold statements (i.e. shut up!) directed at the students attending the play “Romeo and Juliet,” who ignorantly conversed and snacked during the production.

    However, the poor behavior of some BYU students is not confined solely to the Pardoe Theatre or the International Cinema. What of those individuals who choose to visit in the middle of the sidewalk and hallway, or study on stairs during the 10 minute passing period?

    What of the people who race for the exits after the Tuesday Devotional speakers have concluded their remarks? Or those attending the CES Fireside when Elder Maxwell spoke, who, when asked to remain in their seats following the closing prayer, chose to leave before the prayer?

    Why do some students feel it is their duty to comment on everything the professor says? And when a student asks a question in class, why is it that so many others see this as an opportunity to talk, making it difficult to hear the professor’s response? Why are these and many other acts of inconsideration so prolific on campus? Is it really due to poor breeding as Snider asked? Were some students truly raised by hyenas? I don’t know. If anyone does have the answers to these questions, please share them. These people need help!

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