Spring tour invites students to ‘see the world’



    This spring and summer, BYU students have the opportunity to experience a Nordic seas adventure, Great Britain’s cultural legacy, and learn more about Christian and western heritage while earning optional study credits.

    Offered by the department of travel study, the choice of places to explore extends to the Holy Land, the Middle East, the South Pacific, Central America and other European countries like Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

    “You can see ancient architecture like castles and cathedrals from the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. They all have their own history behind them. The whole English culture is just fascinating because England was formed by different people like the Romans, French, Celts and Scandinavians,” said Helen Fewster, 20, a freshman from Yorkshire, England majoring in art.

    “I really enjoyed walking on the wall around the old city in Jerusalem. There’s so much history here, not only from the time of the Savior but long before and after that,” said Carol Christensen, an adminstrative assistant in the continuing education department, who went on the trip in June 1985.

    Besides experiencing the rich history of the places, one also comes in contact with the local people.

    “The people there are very down to earth and don’t beat around the bush,” said Fewster, unlike Americans who usually “never say what they’re thinking.”

    “I loved the location and really enjoyed the people,” said Janette Beckham, former Young Women General President from 1990 to 1997, who went on a Mediterranean cruise last spring.”We got our money’s worth. The cruise was well planned and the tour director was excellent,” Beckham said.

    Past participants of travel study programs also gave some tips for interested parties.

    Christensen suggested to be in good walking shape, be able to handle the unexpected and be prepared to deal with different personalities in the travelling group.

    Beckham said planning ahead was a good way to ensure one can enjoy the tour.

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