BYU graduate will share secrets to internet succes



    A graduate of BYU’s MBA program will share the secrets to his success at 7 p.m. today in 151 TNRB.

    Steve Jenkins will give a speech on his success story and how anyone can succeed in their own field of interest. BYU’s Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs asked Jenkins to come and share his story, according to a news release.

    ACE’s senior co-president, Cassandra Smith, said his speech will be worthwhile for all attendants. “I’m mostly looking forward to him coming because he is a big crowd pleaser, a very witty guy,” Smith said.

    “There are only a few people who you can really learn from in life, and he is one of those people,” Smith said.

    Jenkins said that he will give a short speech but based on other experiences, he wants to have a good question and answer session because students really like it and get more out of it.

    His speech will discuss the Internet and the business applications it has, he said.

    Jenkins said that there are some important things to know about the Internet business since many companies were created when the internet “got hot” over a year ago. He said that many companies are merging and a lot of acquisition is occurring with others.

    “There are a lot more tools that the Internet has than just using it for the website, there are different marketing approaches,” Jenkins said.

    In an entrepreneurial aspect, Jenkins said there are also tools for learning to survive and succeed and he will discuss some of those in his speech. “The strongest tool is not how smart you are, it’s how quickly you can change and adapt.” Jenkins said.

    There are also important personal purposes and uses of the Internet, Jenkins said. “You can use the Internet for more than business,” he said. The BYU graduate said with the Internet, his family can communicate more in a week than in a year without it.

    Jenkins will discuss how to succeed after BYU, and he said that there are some important things to know when someone gets there. “Financial freedom is nice, but don’t let it change you when you get there,” Jenkins said.

    Jenkins graduated from the Marriott School of Management in 1996 with an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurial studies. Within one year he founded two Internet businesses which produced more than $3 million in revenues.

    As CEO of the two companies, one of which is, Jenkins continues to work as a member of the BYU Entrepreneurial Founders Association, serves on technology task forces for educational and governmental institutions, and teaches seminary in Seattle, Wash.

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