Rumors of additional campus assaults dispelled



    University Police want to dispell rumors about supposed additional assaults on campus, said Lieutenant Greg Barber, Administrative Services Manager of University Police.

    “We have had no other instances of reported assault,” he said. In other words, no additional rapes other than the rape in Nov. have been reported to University Police.

    The University Police are working closely with Provo City Police and are in the process of “following numerous leads” about the rape in late Nov., he said.

    Barber said that people are spreading rumors about additional assaults that have supposedly occurred in the Marriott Center, the Testing Center and the Tanner Building.

    “Please don’t get involved in rumor-mongering or embellishing,” he said.

    “We don’t want a hysteria,” Barber said. “We want our campus community to take this (issue of assault) seriously and (to understand) that although bad things can happen, we still live in a very safe environment.”

    “Let’s be alert, bet let’s not overreact to rumors and create a false climate of fear,” Barber said.

    BYUSA is taking an active role in making sure that students are “alert” and aware of safety issues and resources.

    According to a news release, BYUSA is drafting a letter to all wards and stakes asking them to provide women with a list of men who the women can contact if they need someone to give them a ride home or walk home with them at night.

    But that’s not all BYUSA is doing.

    BYUSA has recently produced and distributed a pamphlet that outlines basic safety awareness tips and informs the reader about safety resources available to BYU students.

    Karen Duffin, public relations director for BYUSA, showed the pamphlet to several young women. “The girls I showed it (the pamphlet) to said the resources were helpful and the safety tips were great.”

    Eric Perry, a Student Advisory Council rep for the Marriott School of Management, handed copies of the pamphlet this week to the young women in the complex where he lives.

    “Quite a few hadn’t heard about the recent incidents,” he said. Even so, “their reaction (to the pamphlet) was a positive one.”

    So far, BYUSA has only produced a small number of the pamphlets, but Duffin said that more pamphlets will be passed out in January and that copies will be given to University Police and to Women’s Services and Resources. Students can also obtain a copy from BYUSA offices in 3400 ELWC.

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