Announced Fellowships:


    For more information regarding these or other fellowships, please visit the Office of General Education and Honors at 350 MSRB.

    P.E.O. INTERNATIONAL PEACE SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This award is for women who have qualified for admission to full-time graduate study in the United States or Canada. Deadline is Dec. 15.

    WHITAKER GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING: These fellowships are for students who are going in to a Ph.D. or Sc.D. program in biomedical engineering. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Deadline is Dec. 10.

    BARRY M. GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for undergraduate students who pursue a career in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering. Students who are in their sophomore or junior year are eligible to apply. Deadline is Dec. 15.

    M.A. CARTLAND SHACKFORD MEDICAL FELLOWSHIP: This fellowship is open to female graduates who intend to pursue the study of medicine with a view to general practice. Deadline is Dec. 16.

    MARY MCEWEN SCHIMKE SCHLARSHIP: This award is for women who have graduated from an American institution and are over 30 years of age. They must also be engaged in graduate study in literature and history. Deadline is Dec. 16.

    ELIE WIESEL PRIZE IN ETHICS: The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity sponsors an annual essay contest for undergraduate juniors and seniors. The themes for 1997 are: “Discuss ethics based on personal experience,” “Why are we here? How are we to meet our ethical obligations?” or “Reflect on an ethical aspect of literary text.” Deadline to request an entry form is Dec. 19. Deadline for entry is Jan. 23.

    FORD FOUNDATION POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS FOR MINORITIES: This fellowship program is open to citizens of the United States who are members of the following minority groups: American Indians, Alaskan natives, African Americans, Mexican Americans, native Pacific Islanders and Puerto Ricans. They must be engaged in a teaching and research career and have held their Ph.D. for no more than seven years. Deadline is Jan. 5.

    FELLOWSHIPS IN RESIDENCE AT THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE: The Smithsonian Institution offers in-residence fellowships for research and study in the following fields: animal behavior, ecology and environmental science, anthropology, archaeometry, astrophysics, earth sciences, evolutionary and systematic biology, history of science and technology, history of art, social and cultural history of the United States and folklife. Deadline is Jan. 15.

    TAU BETA PHI FELLOWSHIPS: Tau Beta Phi gives awards to initiated members of Tau Beta Phi. The award is intended for graduate study in engineering. Applications must be postmarked by Jan. 15.

    PHI KAPPA PHI GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS: Phi Kappa Graduate Fellowships for the first year in graduate study in any field are available to members of Phi Kappa Phi. Applications can be picked up from Lee Hendrix in 216 TMCB and need to be returned by Jan. 15.

    HUMANE STUDIES FELLOWSHIPS: These fellowships are intended to support the studies of students in the social sciences, humanities, journalism and related fields who intend to pursue academic careers. Graduate students and undergraduate students who will be juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Application deadline is Dec. 31.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP: The Department of Defense plans to award 90 new graduate fellowships in April 1998. The fellowships will be awarded for study and research leading to doctoral degrees in mathematical, physical, biological, ocean and engineering sciences. Preference will be given to applicants who intend to pursue a doctoral degree in one of the following fields: aeronautical engineering, biosciences, chemical engineering, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, cognitive sciences and mechanical engineering. Deadline is Jan. 21.

    CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE: Eleven students are hired as junior fellows to work at the Carnegie Endowment on a full-time basis for one year. Junior fellows work as research or editorial assistants at the Endowment. Applicants must be nominated by an official of their university, be graduating seniors and have completed a significant part of their undergraduate work in international politics or economics. Deadline is Jan. 15.

    MORRIS K. UDALL SCHOLARSHIP: The Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation is awarding fellowships to students who are nominated by their undergraduate institution. To be eligible, students must be full-time sophomore or juniors with a B-average and have an interest in envionmental public policy or American Indian interest in tribal public policy. Deadline is Jan. 12.

    DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY FELLOWSHIPS: The U.S. Department of Energy offers fellowships for students who hold undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering or mathematics. Deadline is Jan. 26.

    STATE FARM EXCEPTIONAL STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS: This fellowship is for full-time students who are juniors and seniors who are majoring in a business-related area. Deadline is Feb. 15.

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