Letter to the Editor:Rape issue a matter of person


    Ron Ainsworth

    Paradise, Calif.

    In her editorial, Christina Kemeny proposed that talking about rape prevention perpetuates the problem because it puts responsibility on women. The singular correct idea in that statement is that if all we do is talk about prevention, then we can only expect perpetuation.

    I am a transfer student from UC Berkeley. I do not exaggerate when I say practically nobody walks alone, on or near that campus, after certain hours of the night. Rapists in that community do not discriminate on basis of race or gender. My friend Gretchen, a tae kwon do champion, was my buddy for walking home at night.

    Does anyone, when they hear of a rape, say to themselves, “Doesn’t he know that is illegal?” Or, “Boy, he must have missed priesthood that day.” Rapists are violent criminals.

    Few hold them in high regard. Blame them. Prosecute them. But making rape easier for rapists is not a solution.

    Who would suggest leaving children unattended in a parking lot, because kidnappers need to take responsibility for their actions? Only a nut would suggest removing locks from doors because innocent citizens are not responsible for being robbed. We must take responsibility for our own well being, lest someone take it from us.

    We know about the prevention classes. We know who our friends are. While a few may advocate passing responsibility on to someone else, wiser counsel would be hang on to it for dear life

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