Hinckley scholarships awarded for academics, servi



    Recipients of the Edwin S. and Abrelia C. Hinckley Scholarship were honored at a luncheon Tuesday in the Conference Center. Fifty students, 25 men and 25 women, each received one-year scholarships.

    Scholarship information says the fund was established in memory of Edwin S. Hinckley and his daughter-in-law, Abrelia C. Hinckley. It says the principal aim of the Hinckley Scholarship is to perpetuate in each new generation the inspiration and spirit of service.

    Eric Perry, a junior from Willard, Box Edler County, majoring in accounting, was one of the scholarship recipients. He said he was very surprised to receive the award and very grateful. Perry said the Hinckley Scholarship represents faith, integrity, scholarship, leadership and service.

    “My goal is to incorporate these values in my life and pass them on to my grandchildren someday,” Perry said. He quoted the scriptures saying, “Where much is given, much is required.”

    David Dutcher, a senior from Bellingham, Wash., majoring in mechanical engineering, was also a recipient. He said he was surprised and excited about receiving the award as well.

    “This scholarship incorporates your willingness to be involved in the community,” Dutcher said, “I think they look for recipients who are well-rounded and that not only study, but help to create a better place to live.”

    Kenneth Westover, a senior from Littleton, Colo. majoring in bio-chemistry, agreed the scholarship is awarded on the basis of both academic and service oriented performance.

    “This scholarship balances a person towards service, which is something I always plan to do,” Westover said.

    Ford Stevenson, associate dean of admissions and records, thanked the Hinckley family for their generosity in establishing a scholarship fund.

    “The Hinckley Scholarship Investment Committee has worked wisely and the endowment is now worth $7.4 million,” Stevenson said. “As a result, they were able to award 50 scholarships this year, the largest number that BYU has ever offered.”

    Stevenson said the Hinckley Scholarship has been awarded to between 700 and 800 applicants through the years. He also listed Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and former BYU President Rex E. Lee as previous recipients.

    “The spirit of the Hinckley Scholarship is the spirit of community service and giving,” Stevenson said.

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