Utah County police beat:



    Orem and Provo police departments had an active weekend in fighting crime.

    An armed robbery Friday night left one pizza delivery man shaken and without a tip.

    Twenty-four-year-old Pizza Hut delivery man Chris Billings was robbed of pizza and money as he tried to deliver a pizza to an address in the 715 East 1400 South Orem area around 11 p.m., said Orem Police Lt. Bob Conner.

    The thief wore a ski mask and waved a gun at Billings, Conner said.

    Police are still investigating the crime. No one is named as a suspect.

    The robber is described as a 5’9″ white male.

    A baby’s death was called in to the Orem Police department at 10:45 a.m. Sunday, Conner said.

    12-month old Braxton Smith was found by his uncle face-down in a tub of scalding hot water, Conner said.

    The tub was filled with hot water in preparation of the uncle’s bath.

    The uncle always pours very hot water into the tub. When he is finally ready to take his bath, he adjusts the water temperature by adding cool water, Conner said.

    After filling the tub with hot water, the uncle noticed that Braxton was missing, Conner said.

    He searched for Braxton and found him in the bathtub.

    Police are still investigating the death.

    An 18-year-old Provo man was arrested Saturday for attempted homicide after attacking his roommate with a machete.

    Provo Police Lt. Greg Du Val said Christopher Kleinman intervened with excessive force in an argument between his roommate, 19-year-old Jose Perez, and Kleinman’s juvenile brother.

    The fight took place at the shared residence of Kleinman and Perez.

    Perez and the 16-year-old were engaged in a verbal argument.

    There was some grabbing and pushing during the course of the argument, but it definitely was not a fist fight, Du Val said.

    Kleinman struck Perez three times in the head with a machete. When Perez raised his arm in self-defense, Kleinman sliced the arm as well, Du Val said.

    One of the machete blows pierced the skull.

    The fight took place at 950 W. Center, the shared residence of Perez and Kleinman.

    Perez is listed in fair and stable condition at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, according to Garrity.

    At a hearing October 27, bail was set for Kleinman at the sum of $1,000, payable in cash only.

    One of the suspects involved in last week’s rape at the Provo Hampton Inn was arrested Sunday, October 26, Du Val said.

    Isreal Rodriguez Vasquez, 18, was picked up early Sunday morning by the Salt Lake County gang unit, Du Val said. He allegedly participated, with several others, in the rape of an 18-year-old female.

    The Provo Police Department detectives questioned him and booked him into Utah County jail on a rape charge, Du Val said. During the questioning, Vasquez admitted to being present at the rape.

    More arrests are pending.

    “We have names of people we’re looking for,” Du Val said. When they are found, they will be arrested, he said.

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