Fellowship information


    For information on these Fellowships, call the Honor’s Dept. 378-3036.

    Alexander Von Humboldt Bundeskanzler Scholarships: This year-long award is for students who know German and want to study in Germany. Scholarships are awarded to students in the humanities, social sciences, law and economics. The deadline is Oct. 31.

    Awards for Study in Scandinavia: These grants are available for U. S. citizens who have language skills in Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. The applicants must have finished their undergraduate education. The deadline is Nov. 1.

    German Academic Exchange Service: This is an opportunity for students who speak German to study in Germany. Grants, travel awards and seminars are available to faculty and students. Summer programs are also available. The deadline is Nov. 1. The deadline for summer is January 31.

    Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards for Women: This fellowship is for women pursuing degrees in aerospace-related sciences. To apply, a woman must have a bachelor’s degree in a qualifying area of science or engineering. The deadline is Nov. 15 .

    National Science Foundation Fellowships: Fellowships are awarded for study in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, behavioral and social sciences, and in the history and philosophy of science. Deadline is Nov. 6. Separate competitions are held for the Graduate Fellowships and the Minority Graduate Fellowships. Minorities, women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

    Harry S. Truman Scholarship: This scholarship awards merit-based scholarships to students who pursue careers in government and in public service. The deadline is Nov. 14.

    Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships?MD-BO?: These awards are for Ph.D. candidates who are writing their dissertations on topics of religious and ethical values in any field. Deadline is Nov. 15.

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute — NIH Research Scholars Program: This program is for medical students going into their third or fourth year of medical school. The deadline is Nov. 15.

    Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral and Dissertation Fellowships for Minorities: This fellowship is available for minority students pursuing a doctoral degree in behavioral and social sciences, humanities, engineering, mathematics, physical science and biological science. Deadline for application is Nov. 15.

    Howard Hughes Pre-doctoral Fellowship in the Biological Sciences: The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will award fellowships for full-time study toward a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree in the biological sciences. This fellowship is not for those who are pursuing a medical or dental degree. Deadline is Nov. 15.

    National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women: The National Physical Science Consortium a six-year-doctoral fellowship program in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, geology, materials science, mathematical sciences, physics and sub-disciplines. The deadline is Nov. 15.

    Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in Humanistic Studies: This fellowship is for students who plan on careers in teaching in humanistic studies. Students who are entering their first year of a Ph.D. program are eligible. Deadline for requesting an application is Dec. 8.

    Whitaker Graduate Fellowships in Biomedical Engineering: These fellowships are for students who are going in to a Ph.D. or Sc.D. program in biomedical engineering. The deadline is Dec. 10.

    Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship: This scholarship is for undergraduate students who are pursuing a career in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering. The deadline is Dec. 15.

    Leopold Schepp Foundation: This fellowship provides research funds for undergraduate and graduate research. The deadline for formal applications is Nov. 30.

    GEM Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship?MD+BO?s: These awards are for U.S. citizens with an ethnic identification of American Indian, Black American, Mexican American and Puerto Rican. The award supports students in disciplines that include engineering, computer science and physical and life sciences. The deadline is Dec. 1.

    P.E.O International Peace Scholarship Fund: This award is intended for women who have qualified for admission to a full-time graduate study in a United States or Canadian college or university. Deadline is Dec. 15.

    M.A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship: This fellowship opportunity is open to female graduates of any American institution who intends on pursuing the study of medicine with a view to general practice. Deadline is Dec. 16.

    Mary McEwen Schimke Scholarship: This award is intended as a supplemental award for the purpose of affording relief from household and child-care expenses during graduate study. Deadline is Dec. 16.

    Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics: The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity sponsor an annual essay contest for undergraduate juniors and seniors. The themes for 1997 include: “Discuss ethics based on personal experience,” “Why are we here? How are we to meet our ethical obligations?” and “Reflect on an ethical aspect of a literary text.” Deadline to request an entry form is Dec. 19. The deadline for entry is Jan. 23, 1998.

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