Letter to the Editor: Happy to contribute


    Erik Schaumann

    Cannon Gerstner wrote on Oct. 7 that “absurd expectations that students contribute any more than we presently do are ludicrous.” She was referring to the ongoing Lighting the Way campaign. She referred to this as an “inappropriate activity.”

    I am not in any way associated with BYUSA or the campaign, but I am a BYU student who is happy to contribute to the fund. I gave some money last year, and I gave money this year. I am appalled by the students who refuse to give money, and actually try to convince others students that this is an unworthy cause. Cannon also wrote that it is realized that a “tremendous value” is received for the money spent and there is a “generous subsidization of my education by the church.”

    Obviously, this person and others do not realize how generous this subsidization is, nor how tremendous is this value. Cannon also complained about her large class and the low teacher to student ratio, and sarcastically asked if her contribution would help. YES IT WOULD!

    The donations would also help to provide more scholarships to students. How can people complain about the problems, and then complain about being asked to help with a solution? I simply cannot understand how some people could be so hostile to President Batemen’s request for donations. This whole campaign isn’t even about taking a lot of students money, but about getting all the students to participate. It’s about having pride in your school, and being willing to forego a movie on Saturday night, and give the $3 to BYU. It’s about uniting the students in a worthy cause.

    Paying tuition is not a contribution. People who think because they so benevolently pay their tuition that they are giving a generous gift to the school are mistaken. Tuition at BYU is not even half of what it could or should be thanks to the “generous subsidization … by the church.”

    I hope that we as a student body can realize how fortunate and blessed we are to be here, and we can give a few dollars extra to the school we love.

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