Letter to the Editor: “Lighting” way too much


    Cannon Gerstner


    I sat towards the back of the packed auditorium contorting my neck to enable me to point my ear towards the podium in an attempt to discern what my professor was saying. I reached into my backpack and removed my high powered binoculars, reserved specifically for reading the diagrams displayed on the screen, from their protective case. As I was trying to focus on the distant projection, I was interrupted by someone sitting next to me. My neighbor, a well intentioned BYUSA member, wanted to know if I had taken the opportunity to contribute the equivalent of one evening’s entertainment to the university’s “Light the Way” program.

    I told her that I had just pleaded with the Traffic Hearing Officer to spread my recent $20 parking violation into 10 easy monthly installments of $2, was still financing my books on my VISA at 18.9 percent, and I was crossing my fingers that maybe, on the third attempt, my tuition check would clear. Ahh, the joys of student life. In light of all this, I told her I would be happy to donate if it meant that the student to professor ratio, already of ridiculous proportions, would decrease, if the “light the way” loot was going to help build a new 10 story covered parking facility for students next to the JSB, or if it would “light the way”to purchase us a spring break. If more funds are expected of us as students, why not simply “light the way” to yet another tuition hike? I realize that fund raising is an essential element to the survival of any institution, I just think it is highly inappropriate that such fund raising drives be conducted among the students of the University.

    I appreciate the opportunity that I have to attend BYU and realize that I receive a tremendous value for the money spent. I also am grateful for the generous subsidization of my education by the Church. However, absurd expectations that students should contribute any more than we presently do are ludicrous. Reserve the fund-raising for the alumni and we students will continue to “light the way” with our tuition checks.

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