Celestial goals lead to temporal, spiritual succes



    Consistently making celestial goals while young will lead to temporal and spiritual success in one’s future, Elder Richard J. Maynes, said in the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

    Directing his remarks to the youth of the Church, Elder Maynes said they should consistently work on their celestial goals, such as serving missions and temple marriage, in their everyday life. He admitted this is not easy, considering the amount of worldly temptation that surrounds them.

    “The real trick,” Elder Maynes said, “is trying to balance the importance of what is happening next Friday night with what’s going to be happening two, five, or ten years from now.”

    Elder Maynes reminded the youth that the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to help individuals reach their potential. He assured the youth that if they work daily to keep a close relationship with their Heavenly Father, He will help them accomplish their righteous goals.

    “Young brothers and sisters,” he said, “it will ultimately be your love of the Lord which will help you commit, and then stay true, to your celestial daily plan.”

    He urged them to build a secure foundation for their future despite living in an “upside down” society, which calls evil good and good evil. This is done by understanding that everything they do in their day-to-day life will affect their future.

    “It is very likely,” Elder Maynes said, “that a goal or vision, not connected to everyday life by specific action, will become just another unrealized dream with nothing more than hope to support it.”

    Elder Maynes compared a student who crams unsuccessfully for his tests the night before, and the success of a student who prepares daily through regular study habits. Consistency results in confidence and real learning. Likewise, he said, one cannot cram in preparation for temple marriage and other celestial goals.

    “Understand,” he urges, “that what happens on Friday night will ultimately impact your celestial future.”

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