Y-Groups raise books for needy, flag for honor



    The Student Honor Association is inviting BYU students to “Take a Stand for Honor.”

    As part of the extended New Student Orientation, they have invited John Bytheway to speak Wednesday at 6 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. in the JSB auditoium. As part of a service project, the Student Honor Association is asking students to donate books.

    Jeannie Papic, coordinator for the Student Honor Association said,”We are asking students to write a note in the front of each book and then donate them as part of a service opportunity. We are planning on sending the donated books to needy schools in Russia and Zimbabwe.”

    Each Y-Group will make a commitment to honor at the activity, and will write this commitment on a flag.

    “We want students to be like Captain Moroni and raise up their standards of liberty. They will do this by signing their commitment to honor on a flag,” Papic said.

    After the speaker, there will be refreshments and karaoke.

    Papic said, “We want students to realize that the commitment to honor is not a heavy burden, but it lightens their lives and builds character.”

    Rudy Rodriguez, administrative assistant for the Student Honor Association said students should plan on attending.

    “If you’ve ever heard John Bytheway speak, you know it’s going to be a good time. Besides, he will inspire us to see broader and will further help us to see why it is important to strengthen our commitment to honor,” Rodriguez said.

    The Student Honor Association is designed to help students with their commitment to honor.

    “The Student Honor Association promotes the essence of what people should be doing at BYU. When you have a commitment to honor you build character and that’s what we’ll take into the future,” Rodriguez said.

    Ebony Keith, Administrative Assistant for the Student Honor Association said “the Student Honor Association is a student organization designed to build character, promote honor and integrity through service projects and leadership activities.”

    “This association reminds students of their commitment to the standards set at BYU,” said Keith.

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