Print making exhibit not making expected impressi


    by Fred Heath

    The attendance of a significant British art exhibit at the HFAC has been less than expected, said the director of the exhibit.

    “If this exhibit were in San Francisco, there would be at least a hundred people in the gallery at a time,” said Todd Fry, gallery director.

    “Out of Print: British Print making, 1946-1976,” organized by the British Council and circulated by the Curatorial Assistance, Inc., covers the history of post-war British print making.

    “It is a highly significant exhibition because it captures works of British artists at the height of the print-making boom in England during the 1960s and 1970s,” said Herman Dutoit, head of audience education and development at the Museum of Art.

    As well as covering the history of post-war British print making, the exhibit features artists that have become famous for that time period. Some are still popular today.

    “Within the exhibit are some of the most significant artists to come here and see,” Fry said.

    The most notable artists are Henry Moore and David Hockney. The artists are significant because of their innovation and resourcefulness, which provided a type of renaissance for print making.

    “These images were new to the eye of audiences during that period,” Dutoit said.

    “The images themselves represent a dramatic departure from traditional subjects of the time. They represent a modern perspective and gave importance to the pop art period. They gave it a boost,” Dutoit said.

    The exhibit is lacking in attendance primarily due to a lack of awareness. “We have not had a lot of coverage,” Fry said. He hopes that more than just art classes will attend.

    “A lot of classes have come by,” said Nancy Andruk, a junior from La Canada, Calif. Andruk is a painting major who works at the exhibit.

    Andruk echoed the words of Dutoit and Fry when she said that “it is a really good exhibit to have at BYU, with many prestigious names such as Henry Moore and David Hockney.”

    The exhibit is located at F-303 HFAC and is open from 9-5 p.m. Monday through Friday,and will be on display until Oct. 29.

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