Local bands play for fundraiser



    Local band followers and music lovers can enjoy an evening of extraordinary talent from Gathering Osiris, Sunfall Festival, Raising Elvis and The Richard Pike Band for $3 at 8:00 p.m. in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom Saturday.

    This Asian American Association and BYUSA-sponsored fund raiser will be emceed by Andrew Ahn, D.J. Drew, and DJ-ed by Brian Simmons. According to AAA activities committee co-chair Sean Luangrath, this is the first year the AAA has ever tried a fund raiser like this.

    They strategically chose this time of the semester because students, by now, are well into their classes, settled in their new environment and ready to enjoy a night of relaxation and entertainment. “We thought it would be a good way for students to have fun. All these bands are well known and liked among the community,” Luangrath said.

    Luangrath said they picked these bands because they offer a variety of music.

    Gathering Osiris, winners of the 1996 Salt Lake City North by Northwest Competition, have a rich, melodious sound led by singer Brenda Andrus, a BYU graduate student from Oregon. Andrus’ voice can be soft and delicate as well as soulful and brooding. Their music offers a wide range of fresh sounds from folk to contemporary. Gathering Osiris often captures a sound comparable to that of 10,000 Maniacs.

    Sunfall Festival’s music is mellow and soothing, yet harnesses an upbeat rhythm and warm style. “Modern Way to Go,” the first track off Sunfall Festival’s debut album “Absolutely Splendid,” is receiving significant airplay on X96, an alternative station in Salt Lake. The song debuted at No.2 on “Now Hear This,” a call-in show hosted by Seanboy Walton, where listeners rate newly released national singles. Leading the band is singer Amy Greetham, whose rich, smooth vocals are comparable to Harriet Wheeler, lead singer of The Sundays. Sunfall Festival has been compared to the likes of Mazzy Star, the Sundays and Frente!.

    The Richard Pike Band, an upbeat jam band, will be playing songs off their CD “Songs From the Shelter,” as well as new material. Raising Elvis was disbanded, but will come together for this one event.

    According to Luangrath, special arrangements to attend the event by radio station 107.5 The End are in the process of being made. The public relations manager for the station will try to be on campus to promote the concert.

    “We expect over a thousand people to attend. If this concert is successful, we will plan one for Winter semester too,” Luangrath said.

    Bandfest will be open to both BYU and non-BYU students, however, the dress and grooming standards will be enforced for everyone who wishes to attend.

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