World of Dance showcase to run through Saturday



    The BYU Dance Department will hold its World of Dance showcase in the de Jong Concert Hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center, tonight through Saturday.

    Scattered seating is available for performances. Tickets are on sale at the Harris Fine Arts Ticket Center (378-4322). They are available for $8 for the public and $6 for students. The shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday thru Friday and on Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

    “This is a dance concert is for those who do not like dance concerts,” said Gary Hopkinson, promotion director for World of Dance. “The concert incorporates a little bit of everything.”

    ?MDNM?Ed Austin, Folk Dance Ensemble artistic director?MD-IT?, said World of Dance is the best dance program anyone can see on campus. “It pulls all dance groups together so there’s not a more entertaining concert. You will get a variety, introduction to different dance forms and see the BYU dance department at its best.”

    The concert features the Courgarettes, Ballroom Dance Company, International Folk Dance Ensemble, the Dancers’ Company and Theatre Ballet.

    The Courgarettes will open the show using their competition piece “River ?MDNM?Deep Mountain High” by guest choreographer Chantele Collier Cook.

    “It’s a jazz dance with funk, straight arm movements and high kicks,” said Jodi Maxfield, Cougarettes artistic director.

    The second is a lyrical piece, “A Promise,” directed by Maxfield who incorporates ballet and modern dance. The music is by singer Tracy Chapman.

    The third piece, “Shango,” is choreographed by?MDNM? Jannlyn Memmott?MD-BO?, one of the Cougarettes instructors. This jazz piece uses props and music recorded by African composer Angelique Kidjo?MD-BO?.

    Another group that will perform is the Ballroom Dance Company. They will perform a cha-cha number, “Buddy Love,” choreographed by James and Janna Kunitz, Tony and Melanie LaPatten, and Lee and Linda Wakefield, directors for the Ballroom Dance Company.

    Following the cha-cha number is “Espana.” ?MDNM?It resembles Paso Doble which deals with a bullfight, cape and matador. This piece is choreographed by Lee Wakefield and Gary and Diana McDonald. The third Ballroom Dance Company number is a quick-step, “That’s Dancing,” choreographed by the Wakefields.

    Claudia Hill, part-time instructor for the dance department, said the Ballroom Dance Company’s caliber of dancing is exciting and energetic. They have Broadway-type, fast pace, show-stopping numbers, she said.

    ?MDNM?The International Folk Dance Ensemble will be performing “Oberek” choreographed by Delynne Peay, associate director of the International Folk Dance Ensemble, “Cigan Pergetes,” guest choreographed by Istevan Szabo, and “Steppin'” by folk dance ensemble member Gary Larsen.

    “Oberek” is one of the national dance forms of Poland. The dancers will perform in authentic hand-sewn Polish costumes. “Cigan Pergetes” is a set of gypsy dances, which reflect gypsy and Hungarian traditions. “Steppin'” is a number which?MD+IT? ?MDNM?is a branch off of traditional clogging. The music is all drums done in a cha-cha rhythm.

    The Theatre Ballet Company will perform a romantic-style piece called “Roses of the South.” The second ballet number is the classical, “Dolce Vita.” These pieces were created by guest faculty, Jordi Rivera, and Arkadiy Orohovsky?MD-IT?.

    The Dancers’ Company will perform a modern dance, “Chrysideria,” by Caroline ?MDNM?Prohosky, Dancers’ Company artistic director. The music is done by Ric Chitwood an accompanist and composer for the dance department. Chrysideria, is a visual piece which uses glimpses and designs of butterflies. The Dancers’ Company’s second number, “Upfront,” is a fun, fast, and athletic number that was choreographed by many faculty members, Prohosky said.

    The last number, “Night Steps,” is a Spanish-style, flamingo-flavor dance with point shoes, Prohosky said.

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