Route Y offers students access to intranet



    Besides the new Cougareat and on-going construction, BYU has something else to offer students, faculty and staff. A new campus intranet and e-mail system called Route Y has taken BYU to new heights in entering society’s “information super-highway.”

    “BYU has one of the largest intranets in the nation. Last week alone we had 12,000 students sign up for Route Y,” said Shawn Hansen, manager of University Computing Student Services.

    Hansen explained that the difference between an Internet and an intranet is that with an Internet, computers across the world are connected together. A intranet connects computers within a corporation or BYU in our case.

    “We’re actually very secure because we can access our intranet off campus or in Japan if we wanted to,” Hansen said. “Only a student’s password can access Route Y.”

    Route Y is essentially an e-mail reader. E-mail can be can read through Cougarnet e-mail which is free to all students, faculty and staff. With Route Y students can access the World Wide Web as well as communicate with other students in their classes.

    An extensive student directory is also available where students can search by name, campus extension or e-mail address. Important messages from the University are also displayed through Route Y.

    “I want students to know that Cougarnet e-mail and Route Y are separate systems, but Route Y is one way for students to get their e-mail,” Hansen said.

    Students who sign up for Route Y must pass a driver’s test covering university policies and Honor Code issues. The test will keep giving questions until 12 are answered correctly, so it is impossible to fail the test.

    Route Y tells students step by step how to open their accounts and even how to compose, reply and save messages, so those without prior experience will not be lost.

    For on-campus students, BYU is introducing the “Ethernet” which is like e-mail, but runs much faster than a modem. Special hardware and software are required, but it is completely separate from the telephone, so one student can be e-mailing someone, while their roommate could be on the phone. It’s $25 for the initial setup and then there’s a $12 monthly fee.

    Those students interested in accessing Route Y, but do not have the Internet can call two off-campus suppliers who charge a lower rate.

    “BYU expects a certain level of satisfaction and service from them and in return we guarantee them rights to our students,” Hansen said.

    They are the Burgoyne and ITS accounts for off-campus accounts. Students can call Burgoyne at 374-0905 or pick up their software at their store in Brigham’s Landing (1774 N. University Parkway). Students can call ITS at 375-7760 or pickup their software on-campus at 156 TMCB. Both companies charge $7.95 for 20 hours or $13.95 for unlimited access. Discounts are available and credit cards are accepted.

    Students interested in signing up for the Cougarnet can contact the Cougarnet office at 156 TMCB (378-3699). Ethernet accounts can be opened at 1201 SFLC (378-7813).

    Route Y and Cougarnet can be found at and .,respectively.

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