Male eating habits change at BYU



    Interviews with three male college students revealed their eating habits were not what they used to be before college habits changes include: skipping breakfast; time and economic restraints; as well as conflicts with roommates.

    “I don’t usually eat breakfast, but if I do, it is just a piece of fruit,” said Brian Liechty, a senior from Provo majoring in physics. Liechty said that he just does not have time to eat before going to school and would rather pick up a snack sometime while at school. Liechty said that his favorite snack is a bag of chips or getting nachos at a nearby 7-11.

    “It’s more important for me to sleep than to take the time to eat breakfast, even though it is the most important meal of the day,” said Jason McCune, a freshman at UVSC from Lompoc, Calif., with an open major.

    “I average about six hours of sleep, but I would be late for school if I took the time to eat before going,” McCune said.

    McCune was quick point out that his eating habits are pretty good.

    “I try to get the basic food groups in most of my meals,” said McCune, who mentioned that he had pasta, broccoli, and fruit juice for dinner the other night, but did say that it is unusual to have more than one full meal a day.

    “I’m just too busy with work, school and social life to find the time to eat,” McCune said.

    Along with a lack of time for proper eating habits, there is an issue of economics among some students.

    “At work I eat a lot of chips because they are there and because they are free,” said Matt Rogers, a sophomore from Gilbert, Ariz., with an open major.

    Rogers said that a good day for him was eating a left-over baked potato for breakfast, chips for a snack and a hamburger and fries for dinner with some ice cream for dessert.

    “I don’t go shopping for food a lot because I don’t make time for it and I don’t have a car,” Rogers said.

    “The last time I bought food was before the semester started and I just realized that my milk expired on the 14th of September,” Rogers said.

    Rogers raised another area for concern when he said that his roommates take up too much of the space in the refrigerator and freezer.

    “Reflecting on the way that I eat makes me feel that I need to make a change,” Rogers said.

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